Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn

Hi, this is Cheryl Lynn, founder of Cheryl Lynn International, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

My love for entrepreneurship began at an early age and never faltered. Beginning my entrepreneurship way back in the late 80’s, when brick and mortar businesses where thriving, I owned many businesses in the service industry for a variety of businesses such as payroll, accounting, cleaning franchise and a spa/tanning retail store before founding Cheryl Lynn International in 2009.

I bring a well-seasoned and unique style to entrepreneurs now specializing in full-service custom support to my clients through Mobile and Local Internet Marketing strategies and tactics helping them create the most important location today, in any business….online.  My team and I help local business gain domination in their local community, increased client base and revenues from the #1 powerful resources…Mobile device and the Internet.

I am a people person with a big heart, I enjoy working with entrepreneurs of small to medium size companies since I understand their needs, teams and discovering where their business marketing needs exist as being one myself for over 23 years. I’m always eager to grow their client base and revenues and work hard for them in this arena so they don’t have to.

As a specialist in the Mobile and Local Internet Marketing arena, my number one objective is to help communicate my client’s business through Mobile, Local and Social marketing mediums. At Cheryl Lynn International, I help mobilize my team to achieve measurable results for my clients, ultimately building my clients to be the world class leader in their community and their niche.  I offer my clients, my pledge to be the “Trusted” leader for them in servicing their online needs.  My team and I work IN their business while they work ON their business.

I am a constant student and enjoy learning to improve my abilities and skills for my clients. Over the past 4 years I has been studying the Mobile Marketing and Local Internet Marketing strategies and tactics in an effort to help local entrepreneurs reach #1 status within their community while building a strong client base, increasing revenue and driving foot traffic to their front doors.

I am a person willing to help those in need. A person who will find solutions to all problems people face in marketing their brick and mortar location. If I don’t know an answer I have a list of resources I draw from to help provide solutions to my client very quickly.

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Love and Much Success!