You know those silly but adorable pictures of cats with funny captions that are all over the internet?

A few business coaches might tell you to stop looking at LOLCATs and get focused, or something.

But a smart marketing coach or social media expert, who has your revenues and profits in mind, will tell you LOLCATs are the cat’s

How else does a kitten named Tardar Sauce (you know she’s still a kitten, right?) get on Anderson Cooper, The Today Show, steal the show at SXSW, book a Friskies commercial, a book deal, a potential movie deal, despite being Grumpy all the time?

Join us Friday, July 26th and learn how LOLCATS help you…

  • Develop “know, like, and trust” with your best prospects
  • Be seen as a real person who really helps your customers achieve success
  • Have your Facebook posts “liked” and “shared” so more people see you as being in the game and ready to serve
  • Give people that warm feeling about you that makes your phone ring

Let’s face it. There’s a reason was sold for $2 million just a few months after it was created and has spawned its own network of related Internet members.

Want it?  Sure you do.

We’ll discuss this on Friday.  See you there!


You don’t know what you don’t know until you chat with Adam and Cheryl…….see you Friday!


“See you” Friday!