This week’s topic is: 21st Century Skills: Literacy in the Digital Age

Today’s school and business, educators and  leaders face a serious dilemma: Communities expect their graduates and their staff to be ready to thrive in the Digital Age, but the 21st century skills required for such success are not taught nor well defined. Those skills are not included in many learning facilities such as schools, colleges or universities.

Without 21st century skills, businesses are being prepared to succeed in yesterday’s world—not tomorrow’s.

Educational facilities such as schools, universities and colleges must do more to keep pace with rapid technology to ensure that students will be ready to thrive in today’s technological-based world.  Three significant things need to occur:
  • The public must acknowledge 21st century skills as essential to the education of today’s learner.
  • Schools must embrace new designs for learning based on emerging research about how people learn,
  • effective uses of technology, and 21st century skills in the context of rigorous academic content.
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