These past few months, Cheryl has been working very diligently in creating various products and programs to help local business owners with their Online Digital Marketing process and also to increase her brand awareness.  She has also started a “private” Facebook group for  Local Business Owners where they can come and feel safe to ask questions about their online digital marketing needs.9639835_orig

When she created this Facebook Group she was very careful of how she strategically set it up because over the past three years she has endured the un-imaginable and painful loss of so much valuable information (that she paid for) because business coaches and mentors did NOT set this up correctly.  This has created a tremendous amount of wasted money that she felt was thrown out the window.



Well Cheryl will explain this on Friday.  Don’t make this BIG mistake to your clients or students that have paid for your coaching or training membership programs.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you chat with Adam and Cheryl…….see you Friday!   “See you” Friday!