Our Local2Global Mavens devotees know Adam just drove across about a dozen states and three time zones to his new home in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Arriving only with his car, filled with computer equipment, clothes, and a kitten, having UPS-shipped his library and vacuum cleaner ahead of him, he needed to furnish his new condo, find all local services and resources, and much more – FAST.viva-las-vegas-baby
Armed only with his Samsung Galaxy Note II and two years’ worth of money saved up, he did it.

On this very unique hangout, he’ll show you, on the screen, the exact searches he did, what they yielded (with some website conversions critiquing), and how he used what he found to get completely settled in and established in a new town in less than a week’s time.

If you still fail to appreciate the power and importance of Global marketing for your Local business, this will open your eyes.

Is your business ready?  Let’s discuss this on Friday.  See you there!

You don’t know what you don’t know until you chat with Adam and Cheryl…….see you Friday!


“See you” Friday!