irate-customer-is-irateHave you noticed how difficult it is to get decent customer service these days?

So many companies in the “global space,” not having a physical location with a doorstep that an irate customer can darken, have let customer service slide to the point where, to contact customer service and actually get ANY response is considered “awesome”.

No, that’s not “awesome.”  Nor is being told to submit an anonymous support ticket when you have a real problem.

This slippage in customer service has permeated to local businesses as well.  As they strive to survive with tighter budgets, lower profits, and smaller teams – combined with the bar on customer service lowering across the board – customers are getting left in the dust.

Cheryl and Adam will take a direct, in-your-face look at WHY this is happening, and HOW to get back to doing things the right way, by re-purposing the very same tools that caused the problem in the first place.

Join us Friday, October 25th at 1:00 PM Eastern!


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