I run into so many local business that REALLY just don’t get this online stuff and know that they can really make money if they have their store set up properly online.

I recently read an article released by the Royal Bank Of Canada saying, “Poll reveals only 46% of small companies in Canada have their own site—and even fewer sell their products and services online.”

Yet when I call or email them to help, 90% say no to a meeting? Or I here, “Well we are doing “SEO Turbo Charge” with our webmaster and everything is great and we are getting customers from the internet.”  Yet when I do my analysis of their business online, they have terrible reviews, they rank below #3 on the Internet basically their business online is NOT SEO’d.

Join Adam and I this week as we discuss and debate this burning “Online Marketing” issue.Google-plus-hangouts2

Join us Friday, May 31st at 1:00 PM Eastern and find out.


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