Have you noticed any changes in your Google rankings lately?

Hummingbird isn’t an algorithm update. It’s a new algorithm and that’s incredible. It’s incredible because it’s a huge change and no one noticed.What is Google Hummingbird

Sure, there was some odd behaviour and some ripples over the last month but they’re all too common in search and I don’t know a single expert who looked at them and came to the conclusion Google had dropped its old algorithm entirely in favour of a new.

In fairness, the Hummingbird algorithm uses many of the old rules, weights, filters and systems of the old but has certainly changed the old “keyword search” power better know as “meta keywords”.

This is going to be a bigger change than people may realize as, especially when it comes to mobile SEO, long tail keywords are becoming more commonplace and are also generally of higher quality than that of someone entering a short tail phrase.

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