This week’s topic isn’t just the run of the mill “you need a mobile website so it looks right on a mobile browser” message – because we think you get that by now.

Do you know the answers to these questions…

  • What is the difference between downloading a PDF on a computer vs. on a mobile device?
  • What is a mobile visitor’s state of mind when they access your website, vs. a person viewing from their office, their laptop, or a kiosk?
  • How do you make a mobile viewer feel you’ve served their needs?
  • What needs to happen to bring your mobile visitor back to your webpage if they do not buy or take action with you the first time they visit?

How do you accommodate these issues to increase your mobile website conversions?


Join us Friday, June 14th at 1:00 PM Eastern and find out.


Make sure to enter your information below or to the right to get the Hangout link, since it goes live 30 minutes before the event!

“See you” Friday!

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